Roberto Passera

Roberto Passera, PharmD PhD is the Head of Radiochemistry unit at San Giovanni Battista University Hospital, Torino-Italy. He graduated as Clinical Pharmacologist in 1992 and received his PhD in clinical pharmacokinetics in 2003 from Torino University, after being trained both at Karolinska Institute and University of Southern California. After having spent several years in a veterinary drug company, he completed a master in biostatistics and clinical epidemiology at Pavia University, moving then to the Nuclear Medicine Dept. in Torino University Hospital.
He has authored more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals, most of them reporting the results of cancer clinical trials.
His research interests focus on cancer clinical epidemiology and biostatistics, systematic reviews and meta-analyses in surgical oncology, chemo- and immunochemo- regimens in onco-hematology, new biomarkers for prostate cancer, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic trials in oncology.
He joined the editorial board of BMC Cancer in 2015 as Associate Editor, since 2018 he serves as Consulting Editor for biostatistics and cancer clinical epidemiology.

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