Joshua O. Babayemi, Innocent C. Nnorom, Oladele Osibanjo and Roland Weber

Dr Joshua Babayemi is an environmental chemist. He has been a Lecturer for 10 years, and currently a Senior Lecturer in Anchor University, Lagos. He has published more than 45 articles in the research areas covering material and substance flow analysis; inventories for POPs and related waste management; inventories and action plans for plastics; e-wastes; and heavy metals in the environment. He is a Research Associate of Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Africa, University of Ibadan.

Dr Innocent Nnorom is an Associate Professor of Analytical/Environmental Chemistry in the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry Abia State University Uturu, Nigeria. His current research interest focuses on electronic waste management, circular economy, marine litter, biodegradation of plastics. One of his publications was recently recognized by Resources, Conservation & Recycling as one of the 30 influential papers published in the past 30 years.

Prof Oladele Osibanjo is a retired professor of Analytical/Environmental Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.. He also served as the Director of Basel Convention Regional Coordinating Centre for Africa for several years until 2015.. His research interests include issues related to the sound management of chemicals especially POPs and waste management, particularly electronic waste, and has published more than 165 articles. He is currently the Executive Chairman, Jawura Environmental Services Limited, Lagos, Nigeria.

Dr Roland Weber is a chemist and since 25 years has done research on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and published more than 130 articles. Since 15 years his main work is consulting UN Organisations (UNIDO, UNEP, UNDP) and environmental ministries on the implementation of the Stockholm Convention (SC) on reduction of POPs. Since 12 years he is member of the UNEP BAT/BEP group and since 5 years he contributes to the Stockholm Convention marine litter group.

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