Marta Waliszewska-Prosół & Matteo Castaldo

Dr. Marta Waliszewska-Prosół (MD, PhD; neurologist, neurophysiologist) is assistant professor at the Department of Neurology, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland. She is the founder and the head of the Headache Unit at the Department of Neurology in Wroclaw. She has a great interest in headache especially in resistant migraine, rare primary headaches and electrophysiological correlates in headache especially in migraine aura.

Dr. Matteo Castaldo (BSc, MSc, PhD) is both a clinician and a postdoc researcher at the Department of Health Science and Technology, Center for Pain and Neuroplasticity (CNAP), School of Medicine, Aalborg University, Denmark. His research focuses on headache disorders, in particular central sensitization and musculoskeletal dysfunctions in migraine patients.

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