The increasing strength of Skeletal Muscle

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The start of 2012 marked one year since the launch of Skeletal Muscle. In January 2011, the journal set out to provide a home for the increasing amounts of research being conducted into skeletal muscle – from the genes responsible for muscular dystrophies, to the contribution of skeletal muscle to insulin and fatty acid signalling.
To mark this anniversary, Skeletal Muscle published an Editorial written by the journal’s Editors-in-Chief; Profs David Glass, Kevin Campbell and Michael Rudnicki. The Editorial, which can be read in full here, looks back over a successful first year, with 20 original research articles and 16 reviews being published, as well as the journal’s inclusion in PubMed. In this article, the Editors state “The bottom line is that this is truly a group endeavor; Skeletal Muscle is here for the scientist interested in this dynamic tissue.  Like its namesake, it can only gather strength with use and exercise – perhaps you can start by including us in your New Year’s resolution for 2012… to help grow the journal by your support.”
To view the journals aims and scope, or to submit an article, visit the Skeletal Muscle homepage.