LHC blogs from US scientists

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Although the Large Hadron Collider is often portrayed in the press as a ‘European’ facility, particle physicists are close-knit, international community and the reality is that scientists from many different countries and continents have collaborated on this unique accelerator. 

To highlight the USA’s involvement in the LHC, the US Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation have launched a new website called US/LHC. To quote from their homepage:

    More than 1200 physicists from 90 American universities and
laboratories have joined with scientific colleagues from around the
world to collaborate in LHC experiments at the horizon of discovery.

You can follow LHC start-up from a US-perspective courtesy of 4 blogs on the site written by Monica Dunford, Pamela Klabbers, Steve Nahn and Peter Steinberg. A combined blog listing and RSS feed is available from here.

Incidentally, the LHC is still on schedule for producing its first results in 2008, according to Robert Aymar.