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Environment in Autism

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Numerous environmental factors can impact an individual’s risk of Autism. With this area of research in its infancy, this blog looks at the challenges faced by researchers and highlights a few of the factors being uncovered. You can hear Dr. Avi Reichenberg discuss the topic in more detail on 16th October on Facebook live, hosted by The Mount Sinai Hospital.

Biology Health

Quiz: so you think you know biology?

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Do you know how dogs like to poop?

From the molecular to the extra-terrestrial, you may be surprised by some of the research that is happening in the diverse fields involved in biological research. Test your knowledge on the latest (and often bizarre) biological research.


Visualising cattle movement in Ireland


Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon. Or as this study found, the 1.3 million cattle movement events in Ireland in 2016 cover a cumulative distance of travelling to the moon and back 60 times. Guy McGrath explains the animation he and his colleagues created to highlight the magnitude of cattle movements and the biosecurity issues this poses.

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