Focus on: bezoars


A bezoar is a collection of swallowed
foreign materials that collect in the stomach
and are unable to pass through the intestines. Take a look at some case reports with amazing images that we have published in Journal of Medical Case Reports and Cases Journal over the past year on this unusual phenomena. If you have a question or comment for the authors, then please post a comment!

Trichobezoar presenting with the comma sign in Rapunzel Syndrome: a case report and literature review
Shiva Dindyal, Neel Bhuva, Chris Ireland, Jimmy Ramdass and Vijay Narayansingh


Rapunzel syndrome – trichobezoar in a 7-year-old girl: a case report
Ali H Al Wadan, Hamed Al Kaff, Jamila Al Senabani and Azan S Al Saadi


Bezoar in gastro-jejunostomy presenting with symptoms of gastric outlet
obstruction: a case report and review of the literature


Relapsing massive metal bezoar: a case report

Manuel Rodrigo
Prieto-Aldape, Francisco Issac Almaguer-Garcia, Sandra Edith
Figueroa-Jimenez, Oscar Fernandez-Diaz, Jose Antonio Mora-Huerta,
Alejandro Gonzalez-Ojeda


Jejunal perforation caused by a feeding jejunostomy tube: a case report
Stylianides NA, Date RS, Pursnani KG, Ward JB


An unusual cause of gastric outlet obstruction during percutaneous endogastric feeding: a case report
Hussain A, Mahmood H, Singhal T, El-Hasani S



Large bowel obstruction due to sesame seed bezoar: a case report
Shaw AG, Peacock O, Lund JN, Tierney GM, Larvin M, Speake W

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