JFAR welcomes the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine


The editors of Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (JFAR) are pleased to announce that the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine (CFPM) have joined the journal as an affiliated organisation. As part of this agreement, CFPM members submitting manuscripts to JFAR will have their open access article processing charges covered by the CFPM.

To facilitate the collaboration between JFAR and the CFPM, we would also like to welcome Peter Guy, Bsc, DCh to the editorial board. Peter is in private practice in Peterborough and Whitby, and is a board member of the CFPM. Click on the image below to view a movie of Peter at the CFPM website:

APodC petition tabled in Federal Parliament


The Hon Mrs Judi Moylan MP has tabled an APodC petition in Federal Parliament.

The petition calls for an increase in Medicare-subsidised podiatry appointments for people with diabetes related foot complications.

It also calls for subsidies for medical devices which optimize healing and help prevent hospitalization and amputation.

Mrs Moylan tabled the petition in the Federation Chamber of Parliament House on 1st March 2012. Mrs Moylan’s speech to parliament can be read here.

She thanked the hard work of podiatrists who collected thousands of signatures for the petition during Foot Health Month 2011.

UK podiatrists to be granted independent prescribing powers


Proposals for changes to legislation, announced by Ministers on July 24, 2012, will mean podiatrists could be granted independent prescribing responsibilities for the first time in order to help improve the patient pathway. This will increase access and speed of treatment for patients with conditions which affect the foot, ankle and associated structures.

Amendments to the Medicines Act (1968) are expected to be laid before Parliament in Autumn 2012. If agreed, registered podiatrists will be able to undertake newly developed education programmes. Upon successful completion of the programme podiatrists will have their entry on the HPC register annotated to indicate they are able to independently prescribe. This will mean that rather than having to refer patients to other health …

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