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Continuing the push beyond static documents. ISMB, and more on our “What Bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the PDF2” workshop

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Boston 2014: More than a (Bioinformatics) Feeling
Following from our previous posting on BOSC, our birthday and the BMC Open Data award party in Boston, on top of having to dash between the many great talks and sessions at ISMB, we were kept even busier than usual helping to organize and present in a special Beyond-the-PDF inspired “What Bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the PDF” workshop at the end of the conference. Coming in the year that Illumina are hoping to make human clinical genome sequencing affordable with new sequencing platforms, one noticeable trend this year was a larger …

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Bioinformatics, Birthdays, and Booze at Boston BOSC.


Birthdays are always emotional. The GigaScience team are on their way back from the always jam packed ISMB meeting and its satellite SIGs. This year was a particularly event filled one, with our second birthday, the BMC open data award and drinks reception, and our “What Bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the PDF2″ workshop all falling during the meeting. The SIGs were brilliant as always, and we had additional involvement this year, promoting and building on our AFP (Advanced Functional Prediction) series tied in with the SIG of the same name, and sponsoring BOSC (the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference) …

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Bioinformaticians breaking down barriers in Berlin

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Open Science flourishes at BOSC and ISMB
It’s been a busy couple of weeks for GigaScience, with our 1st birthday, publication of a special anniversary print issue sponsored by Aspera, and publication of the (unusually reviewed) Assemblathon2 paper. These all spanned and were coordinated with the ISMB meeting in Berlin, the yearly gathering of the computational biology community. GigaScience was present through the pre-conference SIGs (particularly BOSC and AFP), as well the main conference, co-organizing and speaking at a special …

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Searching for the (Open) Source at Long Beach


As a project with the aim of revolutionizing data dissemination and use, on top of promoting open-access and open-data, open-source is a key part of the open-science equation, and this week GigaScience has been at the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC2012 – program here) in Long Beach. Sponsored by the Open Bioinformatics Foundation (O|B|F), BOSC is a satellite of the ISMB – the annual gathering of the worlds computational biology community, and the many pre-conference SIGs (Special Interest Group Sessions) are a good warm-up for …

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Final impressions of Vienna: time to go with the (work)flow…

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So that’s ISMB over for another year. The worlds computational biologists are now sleeping off their Austrian wine and Sacher Torte hangovers on flights back home, hopefully inspired and brimming with fresh ideas for the next year. On the whole it seemed a productive and positive meeting, and whilst personal perspectives always differ depending on the tracks attended, there did seem to be several recurring themes.

After attending the Bio-Ontologies SIG, many of the same topics and issues did seem to follow into the main meeting, particularly in the Bio-resource descriptor (BioCoreDB
and Biosharing) workshop, and culminating in Michael Ashburners closing (and …

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