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Rewarding Reproducibility: First Papers in our Galaxy Series utilizing our GigaGalaxy platform


Push the button! GigaScience moves toward more interactive articles

Research articles are being published with increasingly large and complicated supporting datasets, together with the software code used in analyses of the data. However, there is a growing number of studies reporting the inability to reproduce previously published findings which may, at least in part, be responsible for the increasing rate of retractions that Bjorn Brembs has calculated will overtake the number of papers published some time in the mid-2040s. Furthermore, there is an awareness of the “reproducibility gap” within the scientific community, with Francis Collins of the NIH

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A GigaGathering at ICG8 in the era of big data and crowdsourcing

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As the GigaScience journal moves from strength-to-strength, with that comes the expansion of the editorial and data management teams that are now spanning three continents – and what better way to meet than at the 8th International Conference on Genomics (ICG8) in Shenzhen, China, co-organised by the BGI and GigaScience. Held at the Thunderbirdsesque Vanke International Conference Centre in the popular seaside resort of Dameisha, this year’s meeting covered a range of topics including new innovations and technologies, big data management, crowdsourcing, animal and crop genomics, as well as informatics and metagenomics, to name a few.

George Church was the highlight on the first day, who not surprisingly, gave a fascinating keynote on his amazing technology developments …

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More on our ISMB workshop: What Bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the PDF

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Big Data Publishing (credit Jenny Cham, CC-BY)
As mentioned in our previous posting, on top of the many great talks and sessions we attended at ISMB in Berlin last month, we were kept even busy helping to organize and present in a special Beyond-the-PDF inspired “What Bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the PDF” workshop. Most of the heavy lifting has to be credited to the hard work of Marco Roos, but the other organisers included Oscar Corcho, Carole Goble, Barend Mons, Jun Zhao and Erik Schultes, and we had a ridiculously overqualified …

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Bioinformaticians breaking down barriers in Berlin

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Open Science flourishes at BOSC and ISMB
It’s been a busy couple of weeks for GigaScience, with our 1st birthday, publication of a special anniversary print issue sponsored by Aspera, and publication of the (unusually reviewed) Assemblathon2 paper. These all spanned and were coordinated with the ISMB meeting in Berlin, the yearly gathering of the computational biology community. GigaScience was present through the pre-conference SIGs (particularly BOSC and AFP), as well the main conference, co-organizing and speaking at a special …

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GigaBirthday at ISMB


GigaScience reaches its first anniversary of publication, and achieves several milestones in changing how life science research is published

One year on from our launch, we are unveiling new features and functionality at the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) meeting at the ICC in Berlin (pictured) this week. As well as a print issue celebrating the best of the last year, we are announcing new features and tools, along with a new data analysis platform, GigaGalaxy. GigaGalaxy is an online platform that supports the reproducibility of data analyses. It provides a means to share computational tools and workflows that further document and reproduce data analyses reported in papers …

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#usegalaxy lights up northern skies


Galaxy shines in the land of the midnight sun
Immediately after beer, mussels and genomics at ICG-Europe in Ghent (see BGI’s write-up of the event), last week was a blur of eye-wateringly expensive alcohol, brown cheese and reproducible research at the Galaxy Community Conference in Oslo. Now in its 4th year, and the second year we have attended (see the blog and Genome Biology meeting report from last years meeting in Chicago), GCC 2013 was bigger and better than ever. Tripling in size since the first meeting, the over …

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Automated function prediction – call for papers for a special series


Editors: Mark Wass (University of Kent, UK), Iddo Friedberg (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA), Predrag Radivojac (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA)

To tie in with the upcoming Automated Function Prediction Special Interest Group (AFP-SIG) at the ISMB/ECCB 2013 meeting in Berlin, GigaScience and the organisers are launching a call for submissions to a thematic series of research from the meeting and beyond highlighting (but not limited to) function prediction using sequence-based methods, function from genomic information,  molecular interactions, structure, use of combined methods, and phylogeny-based methods. The meeting will also kick off the second Critical Assessment of protein Function Annotation (CAFA) challenge, in which various function prediction algorithms will be tested for accuracy.

The explosion in genomic …

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Genetics and open access publishing meets Chilli Crab

MBS hotel

Singapore – a wonderful city of diverse cultures and culinary affair, is not just about the infamous chilli crab or signature cocktail, Singapore Sling, but from the 13-19 April the vibrant country plays host to one of the largest meetings in genetics and genomics. The 2013 Human Genome Meeting/International Congress of Genetics (HGM/ICG) meeting is the first of its kind in Asia – bringing together a genetics congress that has been held every five years since 1899 with the young upstart genomics experts from HUGO (the Human Genome Organisation), the 2013 meeting brought together over 1000 scientists from around the world at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (a favourite …

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Call for papers for a special GCC2013 Galaxy series

Giga-Galaxy logo

The 2013 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2013) and GigaScience are today announcing a call for papers for a special thematic focused series on studies utilizing large-scale datasets and workflows. Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research allowing their growing community of users to reproduce and share analyses. GigaScience, with its aims to increase reproducibility and transparency of research has just launched its own Giga-Galaxy server, enabling the hosting and implementation of Galaxy-based workflows and methods. To see examples of how this works, see the slides from our flashtalk at the …

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GigaScience special session at ISCB-Asia on Workflows & Cloud for Reproducible Bioinformatics

ISCB-Asia session

GigaScience organised a session last week at the ISCB-Asia/SCCG conference in Shenzhen on “Workflows and Cloud for Reproducible Bioinformatics”.