GigaBlog brings you news on the issues surrounding large scale biological and biomedical data from the GigaScience team (and guests).

We cover the latest papers and datasets published in the GigaScience journal and associated GigaDB database, and news on technical developments with our data analysis platforms. GigaBlog also tackles wider issues surrounding scientific ‘big data’, data publication and citation, open data and open science, as well as peer review and the future of scholarly communication.


  • Amye Kenall

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  • Nicole Nogoy

    Author profile image Nicole studied at the University of Goettingen and completed a PhD in Natural Sciences. Previously the launch and Managing Editor of Genome Medicine, she joined GigaScience in 2012 and is a Open Science, Open Data and Open Access advocate

  • Scott Edmunds

    Executive Editor of GigaScience, and data nerd working at the BGI and based in Hong Kong. Open Knowledge Open Science Ambassador and Executive Committee member for Open Data Hong Kong.