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Highlights of the BMC series: May 2018

BMC series highlight

Oxytocin receptor gene methylation in social and emotional functioning • Safe smart phone sound levels •Causes of death among street-connected children and youth in Eldoret, Kenya • The evolution of Apoidea: the sister group of bees • Conscientious objection to participation in abortion by midwives and nurses • Cone beam computed tomography in implant dentistry

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BMC Ecology Image Competition Announcement 2018

Figure 1_Overall winner_Podocnemis expansa_Ana Carolina Lima​

We are delighted to announce that the 6th annual BMC Ecology image competition launches today! We are calling for ecologists around the world to submit their images. We created the competition as a chance for ecologists to share their research and photographic skills, and celebrate the intersection of art and science. The three previous competitions (the overall… Biology