BMC Cancer at the Stem Cells in Cancer and Regenerative Medicine conference in EMBL Heidelberg


BMC Cancer will be attending the Stem Cells in Cancer and Regenerative Medicine conference in EMBL Heidelberg, Germany from August 29th– September 1st.

This conference aims to describe the role of stem cells in normal and diseased physiology, as well as to give insights on how stem cells can be used for curative purposes. The overall aim is to integrate basic, translational and clinical aspects of stem cell research into a single framework.

It promises to be an exciting week of lively discussion, with topics such as cancer stem cells, pluripotency and tissue regeneration. Keynote speakers include John Dick, Azim Surani, Jane Visvader and many other international scientists.

If you are attending the conference or happen to be in the oldest university town of Germany, please get in touch with Executive Editor Christna Chap.

  • Christopher Wanjek

    Teh was among the best scientists to talk to at the
    NIH.  Check out his photos at
    or  Enormous smile.  Enormous insight.  Enormous sense of social justice.  Enormous loss.  -cw

  • Brian Thomas

    My sister, niece and nephews appreciate the kind thoughts and words, on the blogs, the phone calls and visitors.  He always did have that grin in every picture, didn’t he….

  • Yuntao Wu

     The last time I spoke with Teh was in the Christmas party hosted by the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA). Teh gave me a bag of Chinese Tea for Christmas, and asked about my lab and the research. He knew I was worried about funding and gave me some good words of encouragement. Teh looked very happy among friends and he is truly a good leader, a good friend trusted by everyone. Teh never hides his feeling about things every time we speak. Sometimes, he could make you feel disappointed, but if you think his words twice, the opinions and advices, although may not be what you want to hear, are the best you can get from a true friend. It is beyond my belief that he suddenly left us at such a young and productive life time. The sense of loss is hard to bear. The shocking and sorrow may fade away with time, but he will be missed and remembered. Yuntao Wu

  • rzhao


    Dear friends,

    In remembrance of Dr. Kuan-Teh Jeang’s passing, a memorial funeral service will be held on February 9th (Saturday), 2013 at 2:00pm at the Chinese Bible Church of Maryland (4414 Muncaster Mill Road, Rockville, MD, 20853).  If you would like to attend this service, please send an email to

    If you would like to send your condolences to Dr. Jeang’s family, please send it to: 14104 Arctic Ave, Rockville, MD, 20853.

    If you would like to make a donation to the “Kuan-Teh Jeang Memorial Fund”, please make it payable to “SCBA DC Chapter” and add “KT Jeang Memorial Fund” at the left bottom “Memo” or “For” section of the check.  Please mail your check to: SCBA DC Chapter, Attn: Dr. Yufei Jiang,  19803 Celebration Way, Germantown, MD 20874. Thank you.

  • zhengt

    KT Jeang’s suddenly death was a heart-broken news to all of us at NIH. To remember him and provide our immediate assistance to his family and his lab and to address various questions related to this tragic news, our local SCBA chapter at Washington DC-Baltimor area immediately formed a funeral committee with our SCBA national office. Please contact each of our committee members for your question, donation, photo contribution, etc.
    KT Jeang funeral committee
    Cochairs:  Zhi-Ming Zheng (NCI), coordinator for all including NIAID, Jeang’s lab and eulogy.                 Paul Liu (NHGRI), eulogy and coordinator with NIH and NIAIDMembers:  Yunbo Shi (NICHD),  KT Jeang Memorial fund                  Xin-Wei Wang (NCI), KT Jeang Memorial fund                  Chuxia Deng (NIDDK), Photo collections                  Bin Gao (NIAAA), photo collections                  Keji Zhao (NHLBI), photo collections                  Richard Zhao (UMD), National SCBA officer and Baltimore coordinator                 TC Wu (JHU), National officer, Johns Hopkins and Jeang family coordinator                 Ying Zhang (NCI), wreath and flowers, etc.                 Wei Yang (NIDDK), wreath and flowers, etc.                 Xiao-Fan Wang (Duke), President of SCBA.                 Chou-Zen (Jeo) Giam (USUHS), eulogy and Jeang family coordinator.

  • cgiam


    When I read Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The
    Tipping Point” about people with a rare set of social gifts that enable them to
    start a social epidemic, it was Teh who came to my mind immediately. Gladwell
    describes these people as Connectors, who know a large number of people and are
    in the habit of making connections; as Mavens, whom we rely on to
    connect us to new information; and as Salesman, who are charismatic and
    possess powerful negotiation skills that persuade others to come along. My
    friend Teh was all of those and more. He was a creative genius, a champion, a strong
    and unwavering voice, and a true friend who would come through for you in your
    hours of desperation. The loss of Teh is just to great to bear!

    C Giam

  • bailu2

    I was shocked by the news. Teh sent me a Christmas greeting email, with a photo of his family. We had subsequently several email exchanges. His enthusiasm to future endeavor, love of his family, and his warmth and friendship were vividly revealed in these emails.
    I can’t believe that he would be gone in just such a short period. Teh to me is a colleague, a mentor, and a dear friend. I will forever miss his contagious laugh, the intelligent conversation, and his relentless effort for the Chinese American scientists.