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Cool Things the NHS is Doing with Data


The UK’s National Health Service (NHS)—the fifth biggest organization in the world after the US Army, Chinese Army, Wal-Mart, and McDonalds—has more than 1.5 million patient interactions per day. It’s ripe for taking advantage of new big data technologies. Yesterday at the London O’Reilly Strata Conference: Making Data Work, I listened to two inspiring talks about what is being done with big NHS data and what we’ll soon be able to do—and by soon I mean next year.

One talk worth listening to was Francine Bennette’s “Data Nerding in Public Health” in which she describes some of the work the big data specialist Mastodon C as well as Ben Goldacre (@bengoldacre) are doing with publicly available data …

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Introducing the Health and Applied Sciences publishing group

Health and Applied Sciences

The Health and Applied Sciences group of journals covers research  in the field of health promotion, health services provision and harm prevention. This includes public health, global health, nutrition and health services research. It is a complex area, encompassing the fields of health and medicine, but also psychology, economics and politics.

It is also one of the fastest growing areas of research. Dramatic shifts in health policy and economics are occurring across the world, from the Affordable Care Act in the US to the introduction of personal care budgets in the UK. The rise of eHealth, debates over personal responsibility in obesity, and even the effects of compassion on health are all covered by this broad banner.

In a series of blog …

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BMC Public Health supplement – Universal coverage: Can we guarantee health for all?


Countries across the globe are
faced with the challenge of bettering their health financing systems to achieve
and maintain universal coverage of health services. Demands for improved health
coverage have pushed the issue further up political agendas. It is therefore
paramount to identify potential frameworks so that coverage is optimized and health financing is effectively managed.

The symposium ‘Universal Coverage: Can We Guarantee Health
for All?’ brought together policy makers, practitioners, academics, consumers
and experts from the public and private health care sectors in support of
recognising the importance of health as a public good. The meeting addressed
approaches to making access to quality health services affordable in lower and
middle income countries in particular. 

BMC Public …

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