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Diamonds in the rough: DNA60 in Genome Biology

dna xray small

One of the most wonderful things about science, to my mind, is the way its fundamental principles are simultaneously both universal and personal. Quantum physics helps to explain the nature of grandiose concepts such as time and space, but it also applies to the insignificant particles that make up my own cells. Equally, within these very cells, at any moment, biological processes newly reported in the literature are taking place, as are those that have yet to be discovered.

Life's secret
For this reason, when I look at one of the beautiful X-ray diffraction photos taken by Rosalind Franklin and her PhD student Ray Gosling in the early 1950s, from painstaking work performed on calf thymus samples in gloomy basements …

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Susan Greenfield on women in science: not much has improved in 10 years


A free podcast, released on International Women’s Day, explores the challenges faced by female researchers in British science. The interviewee is Baroness Susan Greenfield.

Introducing the Genome Biology podcast – sequencing and disease mutations


A free podcast featuring interviews with Elaine Mardis, Jay Shendure, Jim Lipski and Joris Veltman. The podcast accompanies Genome Biology’s special issue on exome sequencing.