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MRI detects early effects of chemotherapy on children’s hearts


Guest blog post by Professor Mike McConnell, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA.

Chemotherapy can injure heart muscle, leading to heart failure, but this damage may not be apparent until many years later. Children receiving chemotherapy are of particular concern, as the risk of heart failure increases as they age into adulthood. A safe, noninvasive method to detect this damage could identify high risk patients and prompt earlier preventive therapy.

In an article published today in Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, researchers from the University of Alberta, Canada present their result from a study looking at MRI of the heart in 30 children two years after chemotherapy. They found changes in the heart muscle even though overall …

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Fibrogenesis & Tissue Repair launches a Cardiovascular Diseases thematic series

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Fibrogenesis & Tissue Repair has published its first articles in its Cardiovascular Diseases thematic series; a collection of both research and review papers relating to all aspects of cardiac fibroproliferative disorders.

In the series Editorial, Ian M.C. Dixon, Cardiovascular Section Editor for the journal and Editor of the thematic series, describes how the new series aims to address topics not generally associated with “textbook” knowledge of cardiac fibroblasts and will publish work in areas that represent novel concepts and new developments in heart disease and cardiac fibrosis. One topic that requires further investigation is the suggestion that fibroblasts exhibit distinct differentiated phenotypes in different tissues. The implications of these differences remain understudied – especially in cardiovascular …

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