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The diverse world of citation indexing services

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When assessing the impact of a published research article, it might seem logical to look at the Impact Factor of the journal that you find it in. But as journals and scholars have moved online, and citation indexing has been automated, the wealth of information for citation discovery and analysis has vastly increased.

Citation counts can tell a more accurate story about the scholarly impact that an individual article has made than the journal Impact Factor. But where should you look for these counts? There are a number of indexing services tracking and providing information about citations, each with advantages and disadvantages.

To highlight just how different the citation counts can be between the different indexes, we’ve had a look at some …

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Impact of BMC Medicine articles in the news and social media


Today, as part of our 10 year anniversary, we take a look at a more contemporary measure of article level metrics in BMC Medicine, by looking at our top 10 articles as ranked by Altmetric quantifies the media response of an article over a variety of online platforms including news items, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Reddit among others, to give a measure of the interest the article has received. This response is indicated via an Altmetric ‘donut’ which BioMed Central added to all published articles in May 2012. More information can be read in a previous blog.

On publication we regularly tweet about our articles from our @BMCMedicine Twitter account and also encourage authors to share …

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Impact! More about the research and less about the ’factor’

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Love them or hate them, the annual release of the Thomson Reuters Impact Factors (IF) in the Journal Citations Report (JCR) never fails to generate a flurry of interest in researchers and publishers alike. Many researchers closely monitor any changes in IF before deciding where to submit their papers. Some research institutions even have policies in place dictating the IF level a journal has to be for affiliated researchers to submit.

The 2012 IF for BMC Medicine has increased to 6.68, and we are now ranked seventh out of 151 journals in the 2012 JCR medicine, general and internal category. While we’re very pleased about this positive trend, it’s also worth focusing …

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Assessing research impact at the article level

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The impact of academic research has long been measured using citations, often with the Journal Impact Factor being used to assess individual publications within it. However, the Impact Factor is a journal level – not an article level – metric and, as academic publishing and the surrounding discussion moves increasingly onto the web, novel opportunities to track and assess the impact of individual scientific publications have emerged.

These web-based approaches are starting to offer an article-level perspective of the way research is disseminated, discussed and integrated across the web. The hope is that a broader set of metrics to complement citations will eventually give a more comprehensive view of article impact, and help to make the most relevant and important publications …

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