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Current concepts in Alzheimer’s Disease: molecules, models and translational perspectives


During last year’s Society for Neuroscience (SfN) meeting, the BrightFocus Foundation, (previously the American Health Assistance Foundation,) and The Internationale Stichting Alzheimer Onderzoek held the third in a series of interactive workshops for both junior and senior scientists to discuss the emerging concepts in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Due to growing life expectancies, AD, along with other forms of dementia, are becoming increasingly important concerns and necessitate scientific discussions such as this to help further understand and develop therapies for this disease.


To celebrate the success of the workshop, Molecular Neurodegeneration, the official journal of the BrightFocus Foundation, is publishing a thematic series titled “Current concepts in Alzheimer’s Disease: molecules, models and translational …

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From risk factors to therapies – the latest in neurodegenerative research


Welcome to the Storify of Molecular Neurodegeneration’s third international conference. Enjoy all our updates and comments, posted live from the conference and the talks.

A new age for Longevity & Healthspan

Longevity & Healthspan logo - larger file

Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of Longevity & Healthspan – a journal dedicated to bridging the gap between research on the basic biology of aging, and clinical dysfunction associated with the aging process. The journal is edited by Janet Lord, Gordon Lithgow and James Kirkland, and has an internationally renowned Editorial Board.

Over the past year, Longevity & Healthspan has published articles spanning its broad scope of healthy and diseased aging, including, aging and cancer, immunology and neurodegeneration. The topic of musculoskeletal aging has also featured, through an on-going thematic series edited by Janet Lord and Aphrodite Vasilaki, the journal’s current Commissioning Editor. One highly accessed article published …

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Musculoskeletal Aging thematic series – lifelong exercise training can attenuate genome instability

Musculoskeletal Aging

Age-related decline in the function of musculoskeletal tissues is a major contributor to both poor quality of life and loss of independence in a significant number of older individuals.

Longevity & Healthspan has launched a new thematic series on Musculoskeletal Aging, which brings together expertise in different tissues within the musculoskeletal system. The series aims to increase our understanding of the aging processes of the whole musculoskeletal system and address how these processes may be ameliorated or prevented.

The first article by James Cobley et al. presents research on how age and habitual activity level can influence the levels of PARP-1, cleaved-PARP-1 and PARG – three proteins involved in DNA repair, and cell death responses …

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Translating research into drugs for neurodegenerative diseases


Millions of people around the world suffer from neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Huntington’s disease. Neurodegenerative diseases primarily affect an older population, and as we continue to live longer, incidences of these are expected to soar. Finding treatments and cures for neurodegenerative diseases is therefore a goal of increasing urgency.

Advancing the development of new drugs for neurodegenerative diseases is the target for scientists brought together at the 7th Annual Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Conference, hosted by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF).

ADDF is a public charity supporting the advancement of drugs to prevent, treat, and cure Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias, and cognitive aging.

On 10-12 February 2013, academic …

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‘Traumatic Brain Injury’ – special series call for submissions


Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy is now accepting research submissions for consideration in a special series on traumatic brain injury, planned for publication in spring 2013.

Submit your paper to this series and receive a 50% article processing charge discount – simply quote ‘alzrt-TBI-50’ at submission.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in people with a history of repetitive brain trauma. This condition has emerged as a significant public health problem, particularly among those in the military or athletes involved in contact sports such as boxing and football.

Despite the growth in media attention and cultural awareness of this condition, the science of CTE is still in its infancy.

Initially …

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‘Cognitive enhancers for ageing and Alzheimer’s disease’ – special series call for submissions


Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy is now accepting research submissions for a special series on cognitive enhancers for ageing and Alzheimer’s disease.

Submit your manuscript to this series and receive a 50% article processing charge discount – simply quote ‘alzrtcog50’ at submission.

Cognitive aging affects all of us. In the past few decades, there have been significant advances in our understanding of cognitive aging, but little advance in translating this knowledge into therapeutics. We welcome manuscripts that present new approaches to drug discovery and development for therapeutics to treat cognitive aging.

The publication of these articles in 2013 will be co-ordinated with a series of commissioned reviews and opinions, guest edited by Dr Howard Fillit (ADDF) and …

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