A history of open access

BioMed Central celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2015, with many successes and innovations along the way. We've selected just a few highlights from the history of BioMed Central, some milestones for open access publishing and landmarks in open access policy. Click 'Read more' for more information about each milestone.

Timeline Express

BioMed Central founded

3rd August 1998
Announcement Date : Aug 3 , 1998Categories: BioMed Central

BioMed Central was founded as the first commercial open access publisher in August of 1998. At…

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Launch of PubMed Central

1st February 2000
Announcement Date : Feb 1 , 2000Categories: Open access milestones

PubMed Central is a digital archive of full-text journal articles pertaining to biomedical and…

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Launch of ISRCTN Registry for clinical trials

6th May 2000
Announcement Date : May 6 , 2000Categories: Open access milestones

The ISRCTN Registry was launched in 2000, then called Current Controlled Trials. The first…

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BioMed Central recruits first Editorial Board members

25th May 2000
Announcement Date : May 25 , 2000Categories: BioMed Central

Ten prominent biomedical scientists joined BioMed Central’s Editorial Board, reported Nature…

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BioMed Central publishes first article

19th July 2000
Announcement Date : Jul 19 , 2000Categories: BioMed Central

The very first of more than 177,000 articles published by BioMed Central with total number of…

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Wikipedia launches

15th January 2001
Announcement Date : Jan 15 , 2001Categories: Open access milestones

Wikipedia, the free-access online encyclopedia, launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger on 15th…

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Budapest Open Access Initiative

14th January 2002
Announcement Image Announcement ImageAnnouncement Date : Jan 14 , 2002Categories: Open access policy

Released to the public in January 2002, the Budapest Open Access Initiative is a global…

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First release of Creative Commons licenses

16th December 2002
Announcement Date : Dec 16 , 2002Categories: Open access milestones

A Creative Commons (CC) license is a license that enables people to ‘share, use & build upon’…

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Directory of Open Access Journals founded

1st January 2003
Announcement Date : Jan 1 , 2003Categories: Open access milestones

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) was launched in 2003 at Lund University in Sweden,…

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Wellcome Trust announces its support for open access

10th March 2003
Announcement Date : Mar 10 , 2003Categories: Open access milestones

The Wellcome Trust positions itself in support of open access in light of the conclusions of a…

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Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing

20th June 2003
Announcement Date : Jun 20 , 2003Categories: Open access policy

The Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing was produced with the intention of…

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Public Library of Science (PLOS) launches

1st October 2003
Announcement Date : Oct 1 , 2003Categories: Open access milestones

The Public Library of Science (PLOS) is a non-profit publisher and advocacy organization,…

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Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities

22nd October 2003
Announcement Image Announcement ImageAnnouncement Date : Oct 22 , 2003Categories: Open access policy

The Berlin Declaration was a major international statement on open access that was signed by a…

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Academia.edu founded

1st February 2008
Announcement Date : Feb 1 , 2008Categories: Open access milestones

The launch of Academia.edu was aimed to help academics share their research papers and follow…

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Open Access Directory founded

1st May 2008
Announcement Date : May 1 , 2008Categories: Open access milestones

The Open Access Directory is a wiki resource about open access launched in May 2008. Conceived…

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First open access day & launch of OASPA

13th October 2008
Announcement Date : Oct 13 , 2008Categories: Open access milestones

October 14th saw the first international Open Access Day, involving over 100 university campuses…

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Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity

14th September 2009
Announcement Date : Sep 14 , 2009Categories: Open access milestones

The COPE (Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity) started in September 14, 2009 as a way of…

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SpringerOpen launches

1st June 2010
Announcement Date : Jun 1 , 2010Categories: Open access milestones

SpringerOpen includes 222 journals over 11 different subject areas. In August 2012, due to high…

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BioMed Central’s threaded publication initiative

14th January 2011
Announcement Date : Jan 14 , 2011Categories: BioMed Central

For articles published from 2011, authors will find links between clinical trial records and…

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PeerJ publishes first articles

6th January 2012
Announcement Date : Jan 6 , 2012Categories: Open access milestones

PeerJ, an open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes research in the biological and…

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Wellcome Trust reinforces support for open access publishing

28th June 2012
Announcement Date : Jun 28 , 2012Categories: Open access milestones

The Wellcome Trust announces a tougher stance on enforcing its open access policy that involves…

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BioMed Central’s threaded publications – next steps

31st January 2014
Announcement Date : Jan 31 , 2014Categories: BioMed Central

BioMed Central, in partnership with CrossRef, initiated a cross-publisher meeting in 2014 to…

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Nature Communications becomes fully open access

20th October 2014
Announcement Date : Oct 20 , 2014Categories: Open access milestones

Nature Communications, a journal published by the Nature Publishing Group, was announced…

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ISRCTN registry relaunched

19th November 2014
Announcement Date : Nov 19 , 2014Categories: Open access milestones

Originally created in 2000 and part of the Current Controlled Trials platform in response to the…

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