Emre Guney, Marc Santolini & Amitabh Sharma

Dr. Guney is a Senior Research Fellow at the Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics at IMIM/UPF, Barcelona, Spain, having extensive experience on the analysis of expression, sequencing and genetic-variant data, pathway-based modeling, network biology and machine learning.

Originally a physicist, Dr. Santolini is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Center for Complex Network Research at Northeastern University, Boston, USA, where he works on projects ranging from personalized medicine, impact of miRNAs in protein interaction networks, the dynamics of perturbation spreading in biological networks to the success of scientific teams in the context of the iGEM competition, an international student competition of synthetic biology.

Dr. Sharma is an assistant Professor of Medicine at the Channing Division of Network Medicine at the Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), and works in the application of systems biology and network science methods to understand the cause of human diseases, and the application of systems pharmacology approaches to develop new disease treatments and preventative strategies.

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