Fabrizia Lattanzio

Dr Fabrizia Lattanzio, MD, PhD, MSc, geriatrician, was appointed Scientific Director of the Italian National Centre on Health and Science on Aging in 2008. Her areas of expertise include: multimorbidity, frailty, screening methods in kidney diseases, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics. She has contributed in over 180 publications indexed in Medline. She coordinates INRCA research activities on 4 different areas: Biogerontology, Healthy ageing, Treatment of the elderly patient, and Health care Models and socio-economic aspects. She is the coordinator of the Italian Research Network of IRCCSs (Scientific Institutes for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare) on Aging and the Scientific Coordinator of the IRCCS INRCA Biobank “BioGer”, that is included in the Directory COVID-19 of the BBMRI-ERIC.

She has a long-standing experience in geriatric research projects at national and international level in various settings, as Principal Investigator and coordinator of various multicentre studies, including the Research Innovation Action called SCOPE Project: Screening for Chronic kidney disease among Older People across Europe (EU Horizon 2020).