Rama Gullapalli & Ursa Brown-Glaberman

Dr. Gullapalli is an Assistant Professor of Pathology, Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of New Mexico. As a physician-scientist, his research lab is focused on the broad theme of hepatobiliary cancers (cancers of the liver, biliary tract and the gallbladder). His research makes extensive use of high-throughput genomic technologies in combination with big-data bioinformatics to understand these deadly cancers. His molecular pathology clinical practice involves “personalized medicine” diagnostic assays to guide targeted therapeutic approaches for cancer patients in the state of New Mexico.

Dr. Brown-Glaberman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology / Oncology at the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her clinical oncology practice is primarily focused on treating breast and gastrointestinal cancer patients in New Mexico. Additionally, Dr Brown-Glaberman is heavily involved in running multiple clinical therapeutic trials to benefit cancer patients within the state. She is currently working on issues related to rural oncology health care access, addressing disparities of cancer care (among Hispanics and Native Americans) and tele-oncology based initiatives in New Mexico.