Dylan Kain, Michael Klowak, Arghavan Omidi & Andrea Boggild

Dylan Kain is an internal medicine physician, currently finishing his last year of his infectious disease fellowship in Toronto. He has special interests in global health, tropical medicine and tuberculosis and plans to pursue a career in global translational tuberculosis research.

Michael Klowak is a full-time MSc Candidate at the Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His main focus is exploring the relationship between neuropathy, nutrition, and leprosy in addition to researching various emerging neglected tropical diseases.

Arghavan Omidi is a recent graduate student from McMaster University, with an Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences. She has a research background in genomics, and to expand her scope, is active as a trainee in the Tropical Disease Unit with a research focus ranging from tropical viral agents to wilderness medicine.

Andrea K. Boggild is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and is the Medical Director of the Tropical Disease Unit at Toronto General Hospital. In addition, she is the Parasitology Lead for the Public Health Ontario Laboratory. As a Clinician Scientist, she leads international research collaborations in the field of tropical medicine.

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