Steve Hladky and Margery Barrand

Steve Hladky is Emeritus Reader in Membrane Pharmacology at Cambridge University and author of text books on Kidney Physiology and on Pharmacokinetics that provide evaluations of the physical principles underlying movement of substances within the body. His research originally focussed on biophysical studies of basic ion transport mechanisms and more recently in collaboration with Margery has sought to find the mechanisms of bicarbonate transport at the blood-brain barrier, a topic of relevance to regulation of acidity in the brain.

Margery Barrand is a retired Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology at Cambridge University who brings a more cell-biological approach to bear on the interpretation of results and has extensive research experience of the transport processes that are located at the blood-brain barrier, especially the multi-drug transporters (sometimes called foreign molecule or xenobiotic transporters) that provide protection to the brain.