Each of our staff blogs has a group of Editors who check the posts going up on the blog. The Editors also meet monthly to discuss what content has worked well and to follow up ideas we have for new posts or series.

The Editors check posts on a rota. To find out who the Editors are, and to see who is checking posts when, take a look below.

The Editors

The BioMed Central blog On Biology On  Health On Medicine BMC Series blog
Davy Falkner Sam Rose Alanna Orpen Holly Young Chris Foote
Stephanie Harriman Srimathy Sriskantharajah Helen Metherell Stephanie Boughton Anna Clark
 Anne Korn Andrew Cosgrove Nyomi Anderson Ella Flemyng
Dominique Morneau Alison Cuff
Christian Matheou
Anne Korn
Helen Whitaker

The editorial rota 2016

For BMC Series blog, please contact Chris Foote & Anna Clark

We ask for a two-three day turnaround for checking posts. If you have questions, or need a post checking urgently, please email blogging@biomedcentral.com.

Week Commencing BioMed Central Blog On Biology On Health On Medicine
09/01/2017 Anne Korn Christian Matheou Alanna Orpen Holly Young
16/01/2017 Stephanie Harriman Sam Rose Helen Metherell Alison Cuff
23/01/2017 Davy Falkner Dominique Morneau Nyomi Anderson Ella Flemyng
30/01/2017 Anne Korn Andrew Cosgrove Alanna Orpen Stephanie Boughton
06/02/2017 Stephanie Harriman Srimathy Sriskantharajah Helen Metherell Holly Young
13/02/2017 Davy Falkner Christian Matheou Nyomi Anderson Alison Cuff
20/02/2017 Stephanie Harriman Sam Rose Alanna Orpen Ella Flemyng
27/02/2017 Anne Korn Andrew Cosgrove Davy Falkner Stephanie Boughton